Syrian Eyes Filmstrip
Picture by Manuel Caballero during our first workshop.

The beginning

In December 2013, five Syrian photographers felt the urge to create something new and positive for the Syrian community. Ideas were combined, connections were made, and in March 2014, a new project was born : Syrian Eyes of the World

Our goal : giving a voice without discrimination to the Syrians who are inside or outside of Syria, while inviting the audience for dialogue and to discover another face of Syria. In an often violent storm of images coming from Syria, we take a break and meet a mosaic of Syrians who share their own stories, sometimes dotted with sadness, tragedy and sorrow, but also with creation, hope and life.

The present

Two years later, we are now a team of twelve volunteer photographers based in Damascus, Aleppo, Montreal, Beirut, Paris, Yerevan, Dubai & New York, who presented 200 portraits of Syrians around the world so far. In Arabic, in English and in French, we multiplied our voices and reached thousands of people around the world through our website, newsletter and social media. We work on the reappropriation of our own image, and by the discussions generated both online and during our exhibitions, we also create environments of dialogue.

The future

In the upcoming year, our team seeks to go further and keep the project growing by offering two new creative workshops to Syrian refugees, by producing an experimental short documentary and by expanding in four new cities. If everything goes well, this fundraiser will also help us to update our website, to present more exhibitions and to start working on our first book.

If you believe in our mission of giving a voice to Syrians around the world and to archive this important part of History, without political or religious agendas, we invite you to support us so we can grow, innovate and stay ad free & independent.


The donations

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Projects for the next year

  1. Offering two creative workshops to Syrian refugees.
    Empowering Syrians with important tools.

  2. In December 2015, we offered our first workshop to 11 Syrian kids in Shatila, Lebanon, and it was an amazing experience. It confirmed our desire to create more of these workshops, which not only create a safe and playful space for creation and dialogue, but that also give tools for a better future by creating job opportunities, by working in teams and by empowering self-confidence. Our objective is to also create partnerships with scholars who will help us shape these workshops.

    (Click on the picture to see more images and feel the magic!)

  3. Producing an experimental short documentary.
    Moving images.

    50 Syrians, 15 seconds each. By capturing portraits in this new way, we go deeper into the worlds of these Syrians that are now scattered around the planet. Moving images mixed with voices, edited into a 13 minutes short documentary.

    Syrian Eyes 15 seconds

  4. Expanding in four new cities.
    Where shall we take portraits from?

    Our most recent team members joined from Paris, France, so our collective is now present in Europe as well as in North America, in the Middle-East and in Syria. To keep representing Syrians, we believe our next photographers should be based in Syria, Germany, Turkey and Jordan.

Syrian Eyes of the World is officially hosted by La maison de la Syrie , a non-profit cultural organization based in Montreal, Canada.

“ It’s very hard to make a significant difference in the world, but I think that if I can make at least one person ‘feel’ again, then I can be one step closer to making that difference. So I dance.”
-Yara Awad

Portrait by Nour Nouralla
New York - 2014

“What happened to Syria is a great tragedy, I cannot say anything in face of this sorrow and sadness. Who am I to address these people who saw death and tragedy. This picture will be enough to speak by itself, let the look of my eyes deliver what I have to say.”
-Muna Wassef

Portrait by Khaled Alwarea
Beirut - 2016

“ My home now consists of memories and hope. Aleppo is my dream, I feel I am a small Aleppo in the shape of a human being. ”
-Jack Sayegh

Portrait by Madonna Adib
Montréal - 2014

“All I know is that all my paintings tell my story.”
-Amjad Hachem

Portrait by Antoine Entabi
Damascus - 2014

What they said

" Syrian Eyes of the World is a photographic initiative created to remind the world of Syria’s beauty and humanity in the face of its tragic present. " - Thaqafa Magazine

.محاولة لتقديم صورة جديدة عن السوريين بشكل مختلف عن تلك التي نراها في نشرات الأخبار
عمار المأمون، بركة بتس-

« Au gré des sourires, tantôt gênés tantôt expansifs ; et des regards où brille une vive lueur d’espoir, on découvre des personnalités qui reconstituent la mosaïque syrienne d’aujourd’hui: fière, drôle et créative. » - Hajar Chokairi, ONORIENT

Syrian Eyes Filmstrip


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